A belated Merry Christmas to all! (With drunken Santa activities and pole dancing)

Here’s hoping Christmas found you all healthy and happy and munching on chestnuts roasting by a blazing fire, sipping hot cocoa while gazing out the window at ethereal snowflakes floating down to coat your world in shimmery magic for Christmas morning.
Our house? Not so much.
Everything was just peachy (other than Anne getting over having her tonsils and adenoids removed, Grant just having been diagnosed with his second case of strep throat in the month of December, and my suspiciously sore throat, cough, fever, and threatening laryngitis).
We got home from church Christmas Eve to tackle that most daunting of tasks: 
  • Find all the Santa presents
  • Smuggle them past the kids’ bedrooms without waking them up (difficulty level high when presents all wrapped in super-crinkley Target bags and parents prone to walking into walls)
  • Assemble said presents.
That’s only three things. For all you non-parents out there, I know it doesn’t sound that bad. For you I have two words: JUST WAIT.
Mark and my dear sister spent hours assembling a Hot Wheels garage and a giant marble run. I contributed by live tweeting. If you’re wondering how it went, here’s my twitter feed. Unfortunately, it’s broken up into two sections, and you’ll need to read from the bottom up. But still, it gives you a flavor of the evening.

It was all worth it. We ended up with two happy kids and one clogged garbage disposal. The culprit? A Nerf gun dart. I am not making this up.
Now the thought of “taking down Christmas,” as Mark puts it, has me ready to break into hives. I think we’ll keep it around a while longer. In the spirit of keeping it alive, I’d like to share one of my favorite Christmas videos. This is the a cappella group Straight No Chaser from Indiana University, performing their version of the 12 days of Christmas. Enjoy!

And if that weren’t enough, I feel compelled to link to this video, which will rock your world and your preconceived notions of pole dancing. It’s like lyrical dance…on a pole. If you consider that it might have been the North Pole, it even ties into this post quite nicely.


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    @Lori, I totally agree. The human body should not be able to do that. The fatigue of Christmas Eve coupled with the little pieces of flimsy plastic that are only marginally designed to fit together…it's just too much unless you have the eyesight of a raven and the brain of a MENSA member.

    But you're right, the pole dancing's pretty damn cool. :)

  2. says

    Sometimes it is easier to smuggle the gifts than assemble them… considering they need the battery size you DON'T have… or you need every light in the house on, and your reading glasses, to read the instructions printed in microscopic (not to mention foreign) type. Oh yea, Merry Christmas… :)

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